Body of missing person found in marsh on Magnolia Street in Moss Point

A missing person was found dead in Moss Point this morning.

Tears of pain, confusion, and frustration were shed in the Moss Point community as the dead body of a missing person was found in the backyard of a residence this morning.

The family of the victim say they won’t stop searching for answers until they get justice for the man they love.

A Moss Point family is finding it hard to stand on their own while authorities pull the body of their loved one out of the marsh on Magnolia Street.

According to police, last Friday, while attempting a traffic stop the victim never stopped and fled in a vehicle then ran into the woods and was not able to be located. Betty Baylor, the victim’s aunt, said, “It was a traffic stop and they chased him in a swamp Friday and he’s been missing. We’ve been calling him ever since Friday.”

The body has not been officially identified by the Jackson County coroner, but the family identifies the body as Corri Howard of Moss Point. Detective Kevin Johnson said, “Concerned citizens and family members were out here looking for him along with officers from Moss Point Police Department.”

Between 10:30 and 11 a.m., Moss Point police found articles of clothing that led a path to the victim’s body. Baylor said, “It’s sad, very sad. He was just at my house Thursday eating fish. ‘Auntie you cooked?’ “Yes, I cooked.” So, it’s just a sad situation.”

Demetrius Howard said, “A lot of stories ain’t adding up. I need some questions answered.”

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is taking over the case because of accusations of foul play. Detective Johnson said, “Once MBI has done their job, I don’t see why any reason why all information could be released to the public at a later time.”

This is an ongoing investigation.

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