Body Found in Backyard in Long Beach

More details emerge on the body of an elderly man who was found dead inside a container in his backyard.
Long Beach police say Christy Lee Zarrella has been arrested and charged with tampering with physical evidence and failure to report the death but neighbors believe she could be responsible for much more. Denise Rednour said, “Mr. Ed was a wonderful, wonderful friend and the neighborhood is going to take this very hard.”
Denise Rednour was bringing in her garbage when she saw police outside the home of her long time neighbor. “They immediately put up crime scene tape and all I know is I overheard somebody saying that a body was found in the backyard and I assumed, because Mr. Ed lived alone, that it was Mr. Ed.”
What Rednour overheard was correct. Following up on a missing persons lead, officers arrived on Seal Avenue and were taken aback by a foul odor. Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove said, “They detected an odor coming from the area of the house. They acquired a search warrant at that time. Once the search warrant was instituted, they followed the odor and located a container with an elderly male subject in that container.”
According to neighbors, a woman was taken from the scene in the back of a police car. That woman was 63-year-old Christy Lee Zarrella, who neighbors say was the victim’s girlfriend. She is charged with tampering with physical evidence and failure to report the death to a medical examiner.
But Rednour believes the whole situation is a bit fishy. “She held a garage sale there this past weekend. She was selling men’s clothes. She was selling tools and all of that but he wasn’t there and it crossed my mind then that, maybe, Mr. Ed had passed away.”
Zarrella was taken to the Harrison County Adult Detention Center on a $250,000 bond but more charges could follow once evidence is processed and autopsy results are in.
Authorities also believe the victim’s dog, Boomer, is missing from the home as well. If you have any information on this crime, please contact the Long Beach Police Department.

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