Board of Supervisors Approve Singing River’s Budget

The Jackson County Board of Supervisors approved Singing River Health System’s proposed budget for $325 million, but denied their request for an extra two million in tax money.
Supervisor Melton Harris said Singing River’s budget is a moving target, but seeing improvement is a step in the right direction. District 5 Supervisor John McKay mentioned possible decisions the hospital will have to make in the future, including layoffs and pay cuts in salary.
District 4 Supervisor Troy Ross agreed with the majority of the board and was adamant that no tax dollars would be going to the health system. “To see they’ve come from $35 million of a loss to $700,000 profit in the span of a year is a pretty good step. That doesn’t mean they’re there. There’s still a lot of property that needs to be consolidated in order to generate more revenue and free up money that they’re spending right now on the up keep of the building and leases. They need to consolidate a lot of those things and move forward and make that hospital lean and mean and able to sustain Jackson County for the next 20, 30, 40 years.”
Board President Barry Cumbest voted against the budget, saying he felt uncomfortable with the situation. He said in the meeting that he hopes he’s proven wrong.

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