Bloggers take on ‘Summer by Rail Tour’

Two bloggers from Washington, D.C. are helping showcase the Gulf Coast if you were to visit by train as part of their internship with the National Association of Railroad Passengers. News 25’s Taylor Rubach caught up with them on their summer by rail tour and shows us more.
It’s a chance for tourists to show off our ‘little diamond in the rough’ of the Gulf Coast in hopes of bringing a rail service to Biloxi. The two bloggers, Caitlyn Boyle and Victoria Principato, are students at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. and signed up for the ‘Summer by Rail Tour’, an internship with the National Association of the Railroad Passengers in an effort to highlight the best of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. “We’re trying to find the best and most beautiful places and try to promote, not only long distance rail travel, but train travel in general across the country, especially for millennials. We’ve been on social media and blogging and it’s really gotten a great feedback,” said Boyle.
“We stop in every city and then we take a bunch of pictures, we get to experience a lot of really exciting stuff and then we post it to our blog. So, then we get to write about it,” said Principato.
The 28 day tour brought them to 25 different cities around the country. During their visit in Mississippi, they took a tour on the Biloxi shrimping boat and set sail on the Mississippi Sound. “Our boat ride was wonderful. It was really beautiful and we got to see how shrimp are caught and I’ve always wanted to see that, being from New Jersey. We don’t really have that up north so it felt like I was in Forrest Gump a little bit,” said Principato.
“Oh my gosh, it was so much fun. I really loved it. I live on the Jersey Shore so this was like being at home, I love it so much. Biloxi shrimping trip was so much fun. He was really great. He showed us all the different species that he caught and it was really fun. We saw a dolphin, it was wonderful,” said Boyle.
The two say they enjoyed the Coast so much, they plan to return and this time stay longer and see more.

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