Blessings of the Classics

The Cruisin’ the Coast festivities continue in Diamondhead as Cruisers had the opportunity to get those classy cars blessed.

Afterwards, a big party took place in the City of Diamondhead as Cruisers had a good time checking out some cars and jamming out to some tunes.

For six years, the Blessing of the Classics has been a huge success as it takes on the concept as other blessing traditions on the Coast. It brings all the classic cars to Diamondhead, therefore residents don’t have to search for them along the Coast.

Cruisers from out of town enjoy the experience as they pray for a great time on the Coast and have a safe trip back. Blessing of the Classics coordinator Mark Duffy said, “They treasure it so immensely, getting a special blessing. Like I tell ‘em, it’s only good for a year. So, that means you have to come back next year and they keep coming back.”

Duffy tells News 25 the Blessing of the Classics continues to expand across the Coast in participation every year.

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