Blessing of the Pets at St. Alphonsus Catholic School

Today a priest at a Catholic Church and school took a break from blessing people to bless those of the four-legged variety.
The annual Blessing of the Pets made its return earlier today at St. Alphonsus Catholic School in Jackson County. The fall tradition has been going on for years. It’s in honor of the feast of St. Francis of Assisi which takes place this weekend.
Hundreds of people along with their dogs, cats, and other household pets lined up to have these special members of their families blessed. Madison and Carolyn Fisher had their dogs blessed. “This is Stella, one of our two rambunctious pets, and she just got blessed,” said Carolyn.
“It was fun to see the dogs out here meeting new animals and getting our pets blessed,” said Madison.
Kathleen Mangin, music and religion teacher, said, “We are honoring his feast day by honoring our pets and asking the grace of God to come down on all of us and all of our pets.”
St. Francis is considered the patron saint of animals.

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