Black Spring Break wraps up along the Gulf Coast

Black Spring Break made a roaring return to Biloxi over the weekend.

Since 2010, people from all over the country have flocked to the Mississippi coast for a widespread spring break celebration.

The beach was packed with people as thousands walked along Highway 90.

As with every spring break event, traffic was bumper to bumper along the beach, especially in Biloxi.

News 25 caught up with out-of-town recording artists who were shooting a music video and asked them how they were enjoying the Coast. Recording artist Kamara B. said, “Well, I like being myself, and I’m a Gemini so it’s easy to get along with people — I like seeing people smile and happy. I like music, and I know music is my thing, so I make songs that people will enjoy and like and would wanna see. So, I’m just out here trying to make people enjoy themselves. It’s a hard time out in this world.”

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