Black Lives Matter mural painted at Moss Point City Hall

Across the country we have seen Black Lives Matter murals painted on city streets and now here on the Coast.

Friday night, Moss Point Mayor Mario King got down on his hands and knees and painted a Black Lives Matter mural on the street in front of Moss Point City Hall.

Along with the phrase Black Lives Matter painted twice, the mayor also painted a raised fist which he says is a symbolic peace and strength icon often used by leaders.

Mayor King hopes that this mural will inspire other leaders to stand up for the Black Lives Matter movement. “I wanted to be the inspiration and the voice of reason, but also a leader who leads by example. In the City of Moss Point you should feel comfortable being able to exercise your right and have freedom of speech. You should feel comfortable understanding and knowing that Black Lives Matter and you shouldn’t be fearful to say it.”

Mayor King encourages anyone to stop by and take pictures with the mural out in front of City Hall.

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