Black History Month Preview of Events

Several programs and events will take place on the Coast in honor of Black History Month.

First Missionary Baptist Church of Biloxi will host a program on February 23rd, acknowledging local African-American leaders on the Coast.

St. Paul United Methodist Church will also put on an event honoring ministers of the movement.

On February 22nd, the Gulfport branch of the NAACP focuses on the youth during their celebration. They want them to know black history occurs every day and not limit their admiration to just the month of February. TNathan Fairley with the Gulfport branch of the NAACP said, “It’s not just a one month event. We just try to branch out from here. This is not the end of it. It doesn’t just start on February 1st and end on the 28th. It’s about inspiring people to learn about it every day.”

The Gulfport branch of the NAACP’s annual Black History Month Celebration takes place at the Good Deeds Community Center at 6 p.m.

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