Black Beach Spring Break Weekend is back on the Gulf Coast

After having to cancel and postpone many Spring Break events due to COVID the past two years, Black Beach Spring Break Weekend is back in full effect this year.

The Mississippi Coast Coliseum parking lot is pretty empty right now, but come this weekend hundreds will pack this parking lot in celebration of Black Beach Weekend.

Barricades are up and cones are being placed in preparation for this weekend as tourist from all over pack the beach and streets along Highway 90 to enjoy Black Beach Weekend. Promoter Maurice Bryant said, “There is a lot of night life events going on at various venues and clubs and lounges around the Coast.”

Last year, due to COVID, the events were postponed to the summer and many people were still hesitant to attend large events. Bryant says this year he felt comfortable with going full out with plenty of events including a day party at the Coast Coliseum. “We are going to cap it off with an outdoors concert with Fredo Bang.”

With so much car and foot traffic, the City of Biloxi is working to insure everyone is safe for the weekend. City of Biloxi Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel said, “These major events we have to have a traffic plan that keeps traffic moving. So, what we are doing is we are implementing that plan. We have notified all residents.”

Black Beach Weekend is all about bringing tourists to the area and helping local businesses. “A lot of shopping establishments are always glad for the event because it does bring a large crowd to the Coast, helps businesses a lot, helps a lot of our night life venues.”

“This is another event that is huge for us.”

Bryant says he is looking forward to the turnout. “Culturally, it really brings the urban community out. Everybody is invited to attend. It’s all inclusive. It’s real fun and I encourage everybody to come.”

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