Biloxi Tweet Backfires

The city of Biloxi is in hot water after a tweet referring to today as “Great Americans Day” instead of “Martin Luther King Junior Day”.
A move that caused major backlash not just here on the coast, but across the nation.
News 25’s Gina Tomlinson reports.

The city of Biloxi finds themselves in a mess being labeled as “racist” all over social media after the city’s tweet referred to Martin Luther King Junior day as something called “Great Americans Day..”
The move angered hundreds of Facebook and twitter users around the nation and stirred residents here on the coast.

Patrick murphy
“It’s not portraying Biloxi, the south, Mississippi in a good light and Biloxi is one of our biggest cities..”

The tweet started trending on twitter–and the Facebook post with the same statement from the city was shared a hundred times within the first two hours.
All it took was one click–

“It just blew up”

And it shot the city under fire–

“The city of Biloxi has been a longtime supporter and a sponsor and a member of the Martin Luther King Junior parade and celebration and now we’ve been painted with a racist brush,”

A city ordinance from thirty years ago shows city leaders officially changed the name of MLK day to great Americans day in 1985.
Biloxi Mayor Fo-Fo Gilich says he’s always observed the day as MLK day and is calling a special meeting Monday to change the name to reflect the national name of the holiday.

“People who know us, not the city…we’re just going to remove all doubt on why we celebrate this holiday..”

Biloxi resident Sugar Stallings says more diversity at city hall could have prevented this catastrophe

“If you don’t see anyone that looks like you then you don’t have a sounding board to ask will this be offensive? Will this offend somebody?”

She plans to attend the meeting at city hall Monday morning and she says she’s going to demand for a change.

“We just simply need to do something with the leadership that is in the city of Biloxi. I mean there are no people of color as directors or higher supervisors.”

Biloxi city spokesperson Vincent Creel says there will be no disciplinary action taken following the fiasco.
But the city plans to officially change the name of the holiday right on the morning of Martin Luther King Day.

“We want everybody to know, they are welcome in our city”

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