Biloxi Teachers Find Creative Way to Inspire Students to Read

Dr. Seuss once said, “The more you read the more things you know.”
That’s the mindset Biloxi Junior High School teachers are trying to instill in their students.
Teachers and volunteers have been working hard the past few weeks on an innovative project they hope will encourage more students to love reading.
What were once plain old lockers lining the halls of Biloxi Junior High have been transformed into book binds, all with the hope of sparking student’s interest in reading.
8th grade teacher Stacey Butera said, “ This is so much more colorful and so much more real life, real sized and I think it will get them interested and they’ll be able to pick out different genres and say well, I liked this book and this other books near it, maybe it’ll be the same.”
Teachers, parents and volunteers have been working on this for weeks and today they were excited to show off the final project. What was once just a vision has turned into a reality thanks to help from a $600 grant from Biloxi First in addition to private donations.
Elizabeth Williams, an 8th grade teacher, said, “It just ended up being this incredible thing. We never dreamed that it would be this magnificent. So, we’re very, very pleased.”
But these book lockers won’t serve as just decoration to an otherwise plain hall, teachers are planning on incorporating them into their lesson plans. The plan is to do choice reading projects where students can pick from one of the books represented on a locker in the hallway.
The whole idea of this project is to truly get students immersed in literature by surrounding them with books. And teachers say their hard work will pay off when they see their students’ faces in August. Butera said, “I can’t wait for them to see it. I really think they’re going to be excited. As a matter of fact, we’ve had a couple of students that have seen it online that were like wait a minute that wasn’t like that when I went there. I hope they realize how much effort they put in for them.”
Teachers are sending pictures of the lockers to some of the featured authors hoping to receive some signed copies of books for their students.

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