Biloxi Superintendent Arthur McMillian retires

After eight years with the school district, Biloxi Superintendent Arthur McMillian is saying goodbye.

Today is Superintendent McMillian’s last official day with the school district. When McMillian came to Biloxi, he said that the district was still feeling the effects of Katrina and as a result, their enrollment numbers had dwindled into the red. Now he is leaving the district, eight years later, with pre-Katrina enrollment.

Many of his co-workers credit a lot of the district’s success to his dedication. Popp’s Ferry Elementary Principal Todd Boucher said, “He is a wonderful person. He has done a great job and he is a terrific supporter of the district and my school and I think that a lot of success is attributed to the support that he has given us.”

The Biloxi School Board will be naming an interim superintendent in the next few days.

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