Biloxi Runoff Candidates Recharge Their Batteries

Of the ten initial candidates, Fofo Gilich and Windy Swetman captured the most votes with Gilich rounding up 29 percent of the vote and Swetman landing 22 percent, forcing a May 12th run off.
"Last night was extremely exciting and humbling. All of the voters that came out in support of our campaign. We’re going to make a difference together. This is about all of Biloxi. And that’s what we want to make sure that the voters understand,” said Swetman.
“It was great. It’s been hectic since that night, but it was hectic during the day. You know it was great to just have the family, the grandkids especially. We were just tickled that everything came together last night,” said Gilich.
Both candidates are familiar faces on the South Mississippi political scene.
Swetman is currently a Harrison County Supervisor and known for the support he’s thrown behind Biloxi’s new baseball team.
Gilich has deep roots in Biloxi, with strong ties in the Slovenian community and annual Slavic golf tournament.
“Well you know I’ve been involved with the City of Biloxi, financial management, information systems for 15 years. As well as some of my business that takes me across the country. I understand things and I understand what we need to do as a city,” said Gilich.
Biloxi City Hall is the place where one of these two candidates will officially take the seat as Biloxi’s newest mayor. While both candidates spent countless hours on their campaign that culminated last night, both are excited to circle the wagons and do it all over again.

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