Biloxi Road Work: asphalt and sidewalk preps for Forrest Avenue

Work continues this morning on Biloxi’s major infrastructure.

Business owners, residents, and those who travel Howard Avenue between Porter Avenue and Hopkins Boulevard can see the signs of road work coming to that area as crews prepare for the installation of a major sewer line.

Meanwhile, a few streets are left lacking a base course of asphalt including Forrest, north of Division, Benachi, south of Division, and Cuevas, south of Division.

On Forrest Avenue, crews are completing the last bit of sewage and storm drain work which should be completed by Thanksgiving then the road crew will install the road base and do preps for the base course of asphalt in that area.

Sidewalk and restoration work will coincide with the installation of the road base.

On Benachi they are installing road base now and working on tying in sewer services to houses, which requires additional work due to the location of the existing sewer system.  Jennifer Marranga with Oscar Renda Contracting said, “We have had numerous close calls. I certainly don’t want to shut any streets down and cause additional inconveniences for anyone. However, to protect my family, I will. Our guys are out there whether it is 30 degrees or hundred degrees, working as quickly and as safely as possible.”

Meanwhile, sewage and storm drain work on Cuevas has been completed. Road crews will next move in to install the road base.

On Reynoir, the base course of asphalt has been installed. Right now, workers are following with sidewalk restoration and fencing.

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