Biloxi residents will see increase in water rate

Biloxi residents will soon see a slight increase in their water bill once the city’s new fiscal year begins.

Across the board, customers will see a two-percent increase in their water rate at the start of the next fiscal year.

City officials say the increase will help to improve water and sewer infrastructure in certain parts of the city as well as extend service to more recently annexed areas in Woolmarket.

Biloxi Chief Administrative Officer Mike Leonard says residents already pay less for these services compared to other neighboring cities and upgrades are much needed in areas of Biloxi. “We’ve got to replace a lot of our older systems, we’re replacing hundred year-old water pipes, here in the city, in the older part of the city right now. These are amazing, they’ve got more patches on them than they have pipe.”

The rate increase and new fiscal year for Biloxi begins on October 1st.

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