Biloxi residents can now download free crime fighting app

The Biloxi Police Department is now a member of the Ring Doorbell community and they’re offering a free public safety service that Biloxi residents can take advantage of.

When residents download the Neighbors app, they’re able to work together to become a safer, more informed community.

They’ll be able to communicate with one another regarding suspicious activity within their area. The police department will also be able to send push alerts to residents when there are emergency concerns for residents that live in that area.

Your privacy is also protected when using the app. Captain Brian Dykes said, “We aren’t allowed to randomly access people’s cameras. Everything we send out goes through Ring and they send it to the people it applies to. If anyone has video they want to share through Ring, they’ll be able to do so after Ring scrubs their identifying data off of that.”

The Biloxi Police Department is hopeful the Neighbors app will be able to assist them in locating missing children or catching porch pirates.

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