Biloxi Public Schools Moving to Online Registration

Parents of Biloxi children will see something new when they go register their child for school beginning Monday.
Biloxi Public Schools will be moving to an online registration system, to cut out the possibility of error that happens when clerks enter information off paper applications. The online process will begin on Monday, July 13th.
If you do not have a computer, the following week you will be able to go to your child’s school and use one of the district’s computers to fill out the online registration.
Dr. Glenn Dedeaux, director of student services for Biloxi Public Schools, said, “In previous years, we went back and had a secretary going in to enter the information on the computers, which is a tedious process. So, now we’re trying to let parents put their information in and hopefully they’ll put it in correctly.”
Even though registration will now be done online, parents will still have to go to their child’s school to show two proofs of residency.
Biloxi Public Schools want to remind parents that one of those must be their most recent utility bill.

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