Biloxi Public School District board meeting

A Biloxi High School threat that happened last month and went unmentioned to parents has caused a divide between the school district and some Biloxi parents.
That initial threat that took place on February 26th is what caused some uncertainty for a Biloxi mother about her child’s safety and the lack of transparency between the school district and parents.
Since the threat, Katie Fulmer, the concerned mother, has reached out to school officials and even held a peaceful protest in order to start some constructive dialogue, but she says the school district fails to cooperate.
Tonight, Fulmer and other concerned community members attended the Biloxi Public School District board of directors meeting and spoke up during the community comment period with hopes of having their voices heard after repeatedly getting the cold shoulder.
During the community comment period, Biloxi School District Superintendent Arthur McMillian stood up and walked away from the front of the room.
News 25 spoke to Fulmer who, after feeling brushed off by the district once again, tells us about her hopes for the future. “In a perfect world, I hope they would be able to put themselves aside from the situation of being an administrator and really look at it from our perspective and understand and feel a little bit of understanding and compassion for what we are trying to advocate for. We are not bashing our district. We are advocating for some consistency and some changes that are going to help better our school district and parental interaction with administration.”
News 25 reached out to the Biloxi superintendent, but he refused to comment. Fulmer has now founded STOP, also known as ‘See The Other Perspective’ which is an organization working towards unifying the school district while advocating for change.
Fulmer says she will continue to fight for transparency from the school district.

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