Biloxi Police Officers Receive Medal of Valor

Today, two Biloxi police officers were honored with the department’s highest award: the Medal of Valor.
This past April, Patrolmen Jason Cummings and Bryan Wallace responded to a house fire on Keller Avenue in Biloxi. They arrived before the fire department and heard from neighbors that an elderly man was still inside. After forcing a locked gate open and kicking the front door, they were met with thick smoke and navigated through it to find the man and pull him out to safety. These officers had no safety gear or specialized training on fire rescue; they acted purely on a sense of duty and concern. That’s why the Biloxi Police Department honored them today.
Patrolman Bryan Wallace said, “There’s a lot of officers in this line of work, in this age, that do heroic things and aren’t recognized and we couldn’t do our job without our other officers on our shift and in the department. They deserve this medal just as much as we do, we’re all a team.”
Officers Jay Morgan, Nick Sonnier and Sergeant Louis Moran were all awarded ‘Officer of the Quarter’. Lieutenant Ron Lessner was awarded ‘Supervisor of the Quarter.’ These were among other awards presented today.

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