Biloxi Police and Fire Department Budgets

Both the Biloxi police and fire departments managed to decrease their proposed budgets with fire coming in around $13 million and police rounding out at $16 million for the 2016-2017 year.
The main topic for the fire department is adding a station seven to the current trailer used on Popp’s Ferry Road. Fire Chief Joe Boney proposed $40,000 to replace the trailer and hopefully in the next few years build a completely new station.
On the police side, even with the addition of body cameras and digital speed trackers, the department still cut back $400,000 in the budget, mainly with vehicles.
Both the police and the fire chief agreed they are doing their best to request as little as possible while providing the highest quality of service to the city. That’s why grants come in handy for the first responders. Fire Chief Boney said, “It buys us needed equipment and man power. We were able to buy a lot of equipment, specialized equipment. We were able to buy 12 new firefighters, positions that wouldn’t be filled today if we hadn’t had that grant.”
Police Chief John Miller said, “Not only are they helpful, but it’s the right thing to do. I mean, it’s the right thing for the tax payers to do. If there’s a grant there and we can pay for something with a grant, like a justice grant or something, then certainly that’s what we should do.”
Biloxi City Council will now review the proposed budgets.

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