Biloxi Police Department working to keep the community safe

While families are battling COVID-19, the Biloxi Police Department is working around the clock to keep communities safe.

The department is running several different details including a burglary watch to keep property safe while many businesses are closed due to city orders.

The department is also taking safety measures for staff who are patrolling the streets during this pandemic and a crowd watch detail to ensure crowds of ten or more do not gather while the city orders are in place. Biloxi Police Chief John Miller said, “Let’s keep this in mind, everything seems to be about ten people now and that’s not at all the idea that we’re trying to portray. We’re trying to portray to folks that we don’t want to spread this disease. So, whether it’s two people or five people and there’s, if it’s a social gather that you can do without please for the time being don’t gather, whether it’s just a few people, I realize that the CDC says ten, but you never know. We’d rather you just not gather.”

For more information on Biloxi’s city orders visit

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