Biloxi Police Department gathers for fallen officer ceremony

May 15th to the 21st is National Police Week and departments are taking time out to pay respect to their fallen officers.

In a stirring display of reverence, the Biloxi Police Department honored its five fallen officers from 1970 onward as part of National Police Week.

Robert McKeithen in 2019, Nathan Mitchell in 2001, Michael Meaut in 1989, David Higginbotham in 1972, and Emery Wilson in 1970 – these men died in service to their city.

This was Lisa Richardson’s first time at a ceremony. Officer Higginbotham was her uncle. Her son also is a police officer in Tennessee, and she tells us that this event paid respect to those who grieve – and those wanting their family members to return home at the end of their shift. “Well, I just think it’s great. My uncle died in ’72. All this time and he’s not forgotten. Obviously, I was just a little one. I don’t have a lot of memories with him, and this just helps carry his memory with me and my family.”

Though not everyone trusts or supports their local police department, Chief John Miller believes Biloxi stands firmly behind its own. He says he and his officers are fortunate to live in that kind of community – as evident from the civilians who showed up to the ceremony. “They gave their lives protecting their community. It’s important to us that we not forget them, it’s important that the families know we haven’t forgotten them and the sacrifices they made.”

“In today’s society, I just wish that people would understand that they’re good officers, they’re there to protect us, and they’re putting their lives on the line for us.”

It was said during the ceremony: police walk a thin line between life and death each day they suit up for work. Chief Miller won’t let the city forget that.

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