Biloxi PD Gets Grant to Crack Down on Drinking & Driving

If you’ve been drinking and driving around Biloxi, your days may be numbered. The Biloxi Police Department recently received a grant to help crack down on drinking and driving.

The city applied for the grant last year and finally received it this year. The grant will help hire two policemen, buy new equipment, and pay for overtime. This is the first state or federally funded D.U.I. enforcement team in several years. The Biloxi Police Department wants the new grant to lead to more arrests, but more importantly, they want it to stop people from driving drunk before they even hit the road.

John Miller, Biloxi Police Chief, says, “It gives us the ability to set up safety checkpoints, but to the public, what we want them to understand is before we set up safety checkpoints, we will put that information out. People will know that between this day and this day in the City of Biloxi, there will be safety checkpoints put up.”

The grant is worth over $67,000.

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