Biloxi Parents Arrange for Santa to Call Children

Biloxi’s Parks and Recreation Department transformed the armory outside Hiller Park into Santa’s workshop Wednesday night.

Volunteers act as Santa and his elves to call children whose parents have filled out the North Pole calling forms, distributed in local schools and at the mall. Parents write down notes as to how their children have been behaving and what they want for Christmas. Santa and his elves check in with each of the children to say ‘hello’ and make sure they are staying on the ‘nice’ list.

Robyn Steward, event coordinator, says, “It helps the parents for those who are anxious, because Christmas is right around the corner. It helps those who are being good to continue to be good, but those who have been bad, it helps them to fall back into place and say, ‘Hey, Santa isn’t playing. He’s not happy with me, so I need to get back in line.”

Volunteers will be calling again Thursday night, so if you signed up, be sure to answer the phone call from Santa.

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