Biloxi Outstanding Citizen Award

For the past 89 years, the City of Biloxi and the Biloxi Lions Club have been handing out the ‘outstanding citizen of the year award’ to amazing people in the community. Today, they add another name to the list.

Biloxi native LeeAnn Dubaz was named Biloxi’s Outstanding Citizen for 2018. LeeAnn has spent her life on the Gulf Coast and has devoted much of it to the Biloxi school system. LeeAnn is the administrative assistant to the Biloxi School District superintendent and serves as the Biloxi School District’s museum historian.

Lions Club officials says LeeAnn received a substantial amount of nominations for this award. “I’m very humbled by it. I love Biloxi. I was raised and surrounded by a lot of wonderful and outstanding Biloxians and that is how I grew to love Biloxi more and more,” said Dubaz.

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