Biloxi Mayoral Signs Could Get Out of Control

As of Thursday, there are five candidates for mayor who have officially filed their intent to run for the office.

With as many as ten potential candidates expected, Biloxi could be covered in campaign signs. The election is just over a month away, and as the days fly by, Coast residents will see more and more campaign signs whether they like it or not. Dale Martin, a Biloxi resident, says, "I do not think the signs work all that much. I rely on the individual itself than a sign in someone’s yard."

Former mayor, A.J. Holloway, famously said, "Signs don’t vote, people do." But as more and more candidates throw their hat into the ring, we’re seeing more signs, and not all of them are up to code. Vincent Creel, Public Affairs Manager for Biloxi, says, "Mayor Glavan said we would hope that people who are running for the city’s highest elected office, that they would be able to follow the regulations."

There are many regulations regarding campaign signs, but the basics are very simple. The signs must be on private property and can be no larger than four feet wide and four feet tall, but city code enforcement does have extra boots on the ground to look for any sign that doesn’t quite measure up.

Jerry Creel, Community Development Director for Biloxi, says, "First thing we do is just try to contact and make them aware it needs to be corrected, and if it’s not corrected, then we would go through our normal code violation procedure: notice of violation, if it’s not removed in a certain time then we issue a citation, and ultimately it would end up in community court."

Creel calls the time before an election "sign wars" and has pulled two of his code enforcers off regular duty to devote them full-time to sign regulation. As more and more signs begin to appear, some residents feel they may not be having the desired effect. Martin closes, "I think people do get tired of seeing so much waste, that it actually does turn them off."

With 33 more days until the election, we have a long way to go.

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