Biloxi Mayor to Propose New Fire Stations

Mayor Gilich plans to address the City Council about adding two new fire stations to the city. Those two stations would be located in North Biloxi and Woolmarket.
The construction of these two new stations would be through an agreement with the South Mississippi Planning and Development District where they will cover part of the cost of the stations. A key point to the plan is there will be no increase in taxes to make it happen.
The North Biloxi Station will be located off of Popps Ferry and will replace the trailer firefighters are working out of now. City of Biloxi Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel said, “What this is going to give them is a full-fledged fire station that’s also going to be the command center for north of the bay. What we’re looking to do in the Woolmarket community is build another fire station that’ll serve that community. We’ll have a permanent location in these two spots.”
Creel went on to tell News 25 if passed, they hope to have the stations completed sometime next year.

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