Biloxi Man Who Served for Murder is Free

Thursday, a Biloxi resident walked out of the Harrison County Jail a free man, after serving nearly three and a half years behind bars for murder.

Harvill Richardson, 71, and his wife made the long walk through the jail’s front gate. Richardson was serving a murder sentence for the 2009 shooting death of his house guest, an act Richardson says was in self-defense. That conviction was overturned this summer by the Mississippi Supreme Court.

The court ruled that the judge in Richardson’s murder trial erred by not allowing defense attorney, Michael Crosby, to present evidence that would show Richardson acted in self-defense. Thursday, in front of the Harrison County Jail, Richardson told News 25 about the struggles of prison life and his relief to finally be free.

Richardson says, “Terrible, you can imagine, what I had to do, where I had to be, and the way in prison and in this county jail, you are treated as if you are not a U.S. citizen, but other than that, it’s great to be free, going home with my wife. Thank you very much.”

Crosby says, “Extremely happy about Mr. Richardson coming home today. It’s a very glorious day.”

Richardson still may face a re-trial for the murder case. Richardson was released Thursday on a $100,000 bond.

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