Biloxi High Show Choir to Sing w/ Foreigner at Hard Rock

Friday night, the Biloxi High School show choir will be singing with Foreigner at the Hard Rock Casino. The students are excited to help perform a timeless hit.

The Biloxi High School show choir is about to get a once in a life time experience, performing with the rock band, Foreigner, at their sold out concert Friday night. The students won a radio competition two weeks ago and have been preparing vigorously ever since. Reagan Norwood, a senior at Biloxi High, says, "Our teacher actually called us over break individually because she found out over break, so it was so exciting. I loved hearing the news and it was great. We all have a Facebook page to go on there and all talk about it on there. We were so, so excited."

The group, who is the only competitive show choir on the Coast, will be performing the chorus of the hit song, I Wanna’ Know What Love Is, during the performance. Kirstyn Ray, another senior at Biloxi High, says, "My mom and my mom’s boyfriend already bought tickets and I was just like well, now they get to see me sing up there and I get to sell CDs and maybe even meet them."

Though the band was at its peak in popularity in the 70s and 80s, the students are very familiar with Foreigner’s many hits. Norwood also says, "We’re actually a really diverse group and actually all like so many different kinds of music, so everybody was so excited to even having the opportunity of possibly singing with them. It’s actually a dream come true."

Taylor Creel, a junior at Biloxi High, says, "I mean, Foreigner is one of my favorite bands and it’s one of my dad’s favorite bands, so it’s just gonna’ be really special."

The show that will bring both old and new generations together kicks off at 8 p.m. Friday night.

Jennifer Scrimpshire, Biloxi High Choral Director, closes, "I’m a nervous wreck. My kids are nervous just because of what it is, but I think it’s gonna’ go great. They’re very prepared, they’re very hard working students. It’s gonna’ be great."

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