Biloxi High School threat goes unmentioned

Today, the Biloxi NAACP held a press conference, along with a local Biloxi mother, to express their concerns about how Biloxi High School handled a recent school threat.

Biloxi NAACP President James Crowell said, “She said Mr. Crowell, no one knows how I felt when I heard this young man tell me ‘you’re going to be the first one I pop.’”

According to Crowell, on February 26th, a senior at Biloxi High School threatened to shoot up the school and then directly targeted a senior girl, saying she would be the first one he would shoot.

The boy who made the threat was suspended for three days, but Biloxi High School parents were never made aware of the incident. Katie Fulmer is a mother of a Biloxi High student. She said, “No one was notified, students started talking. Students started talking to their parents. Parents started talking then I found out about it.”

Fulmer tells News 25 she reached out to the Biloxi High School principal with her concerns, but has not heard back. “There should be some parental information given anytime a threat like this occurs. The parent should be notified that it happened whether it was real or not,” said Crowell.

News 25 reached out to Biloxi School District Public Information Officer Jennifer Pyron who said “We notify parents if we believe the threat is credible.” But Fulmer is not satisfied with that response. “My biggest fear is that it’s being brushed under the rug.”

Because of the numerous recent school threats, Fulmer says student safety must be put first and because of that she is taking action. “We are asking for parents to come out and support on Friday. We are going to meet at the Dukate Building in Biloxi and we are just going to peacefully stand there, peacefully protest, to ask for these actions to be addressed.”

Fulmer says that through this protest, they are fighting for the consistent punishment of expulsion across the board for these sorts of threats. She also says a criminal investigation, psychological assessment, and mandatory counseling should also be implemented. “With the way things are going right now, all across the country, these threats can’t be taken lightly. Students and kids need to be aware that there are consequences.”

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