Biloxi High Choir to Perform on Stage w/ Band, Foreigner

Local high school students will be getting the chance of a lifetime Friday night. The Biloxi High School show choir will be singing alongside the band, Foreigner, at the Hard Rock.

The choir will be standing behind the group, singing I Want to Know What Love Is. The students will also pitch in, helping the band sell CDs while raising money for their choir. It’s not unusual for the group to share the stage with high school choirs during their concerts, and Biloxi High actually won this opportunity through the air waves.

Jennifer Scrimpshire, Choral Director for Biloxi High, says, "One of my show choir parents actually called me one day and said, ‘Hey, I just heard this great opportunity on the radio, what do you think about it?’ I was like, ‘Oh, how exciting!’ So I told my kids about it and they started telling their friends, and their parents and so we apparently had the most nominations and here we are. I think it’s going to go great they are very prepared they are very hard working students and it’s going to be great."

While they are all excited about Friday night’s show, they also had other things to practice. The first show choir competition of the year is in just three weeks.

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