Biloxi Has a New Mayor for the First Time in 20 Years

Biloxi has a new mayor for the first time in over 20 years.
FoFo Gilich rounded up 60% of more than 7,000 votes last night and hopes to get started as soon as possible.
FoFo supporters were loud and proud last night as their candidate, and Biloxi’s future mayor, won a short but hard fought election.
While the new mayor is looking at the future, he took time out at last night’s victory part to thank you. “I thank A.J., I thank Gerald. I thank all the mayors who came before me. I thank the council people and the people of Biloxi, most importantly.”
There’s no shortage of tough issues for the new mayor. There’s the baseball team, job creation, economic development and Woolmarket, just to name a few.
City Spokesman Vincent Creel served with former Mayor A.J. Halloway for 18 years but his eye is also on the horizon. “ It was some great times there, some challenging times, and I’m excited to see what Mayor Gilich is bringing to the table.”
And so are the people of Biloxi.

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