Biloxi firefighters help with tornado relief efforts

Following the Easter Sunday tornado outbreak that impacted south central Mississippi, a handful of Biloxi firefighters immediately came up with a plan and sprang into action to help their neighbors.

While COVID-19 continues to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, severe weather has caused widespread damage in Mississippi over the past few weeks. Biloxi Fire Department Captain Matt Powell said, “You see it on your phone and on TV and all of that, but to see it in person it really, it was unbelievable.”

With so many of our neighbors to the north in need, it sparked a call to action for Captain Matt Powell and firefighters at the Biloxi Fire Department following Easter Sunday’s storms. “I felt led in my heart to try to get something together to organize a trip to go up there and help the people. We went to Covington County first, and started there and did a whole day there, we were able to help a volunteer firefighter and a deputy sheriff there, and the following day we went to Jeff Davis County and helped out over there.”

On short notice and with the blessing of the fire department, around ten firefighters volunteered on their off days late last week and immediately got to work clearing debris. Firefighter Daryle Bradley said, “We cut a lot of brush, moved a lot to the roads, just kind of moved everything as much as we could.”

For many members of station four, the trip and grateful reactions they received reinforces why they decided to become first responders. Firefighter Conner Kelly said, “You want to help somebody out in a time of need and that’s what we went up there and did, so absolutely it gives you a great feeling.”

When disaster strikes again, these firefighters are ready. “We’ll be there.”

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