Biloxi Fire Dept. to Get New Truck

The Biloxi Fire Department will soon have a new fire truck out on the streets. Tuesday, the Biloxi City Council voted to accept financing of the new truck, which will replace an older truck.

The older truck is no longer in compliance with state ratings or eligible for insurance. The new fire truck will be on the front line and ensure a quick and safe trip for Biloxi’s firefighters. This time, the Biloxi Fire Department decided to streamline their new truck to make it more efficient for the firefighters.

Chief Joe Boney of the Biloxi Fire Department says, “We empaneled an apparatus committee in the fire department, which consists of members of the fire department that use this equipment. They came to us, surprisingly with a lot of things that they wanted to cut off of this truck, in other words, things that they didn’t feel like they needed for the truck to make it a better truck.”

With the feedback from the panel, the Biloxi Fire Department was able to save money by buying a truck which only holds the items actually used by Biloxi firefighters. The fire department is looking forward to the new truck arriving.

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