Biloxi Fire Dept. Responds to Early Morning Fire

The Biloxi Fire Department responded to a house fire early Monday morning. Firefighters arrived at 160 St. Charles Avenue just before 5:45 a.m.

The fire was contained to the front deck and porch area of the house. No one was injured. The family who lives there used their grill Sunday evening and fire officials believe overnight smoldering charcoal bricks fell through the front deck and set it on fire. Neighbors smelled the smoke and notified the family, ensuring everyone got out safe.

Deputy Chief Jeff Merrill of the Biloxi Fire Department says, "Well in this case, as you have a barbeque grill, sometimes they deteriorate as you use them over and over and over. That would be the case here. Eventually, it just rusts through and this is what could happen."

The fire department reminds everyone to be attentive to grills or anything else that uses fire to make sure they are properly maintained.

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