Biloxi Fire Department remembers Volunteer Firefighter Kenneth Lamey

Wednesday, the Biloxi Fire Department honored the passing of a former Biloxi Volunteer Firefighter.

Kenneth Lamey was a second generation volunteer firefighter for Biloxi whose life impacted so many. Fire Chief Joe Boney said, “It is our privilege and our honor to be able to lay him to rest at the family’s request to give him a firemen’s send off because he did serve the city for years.”

Lamey passed away on August 29th and was honored by a proper Biloxi Fire Department send off today where members of the station stood at attention for his funeral procession. Captain Matt Powell said, “You know the fire service has a strong brotherhood, and anytime one of our members or past members passes away, we take it very seriously. It is important to us and it is important to their family to remember them and send them off the best way possible.”

In honor of Lamey’s life and service, the memorial procession followed right to the Biloxi National Cemetery where his body will be eternally laid to rest. “It means a lot for the family to be able to have this type of send-off for their father who was so well loved in the community, and like I said, it is our privilege and our honor to be able to provide that to them.”

A fallen hero that served his country and the City of Biloxi, Lamey was 91 at the time of his passing and leaves his legacy behind with his remaining family.

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