Biloxi Fire Department remembers Glen Huffstetter

Glen Ray Huffstetter, also known as Huff, died Sunday at the age of 69 after battling cancer. Huff served his community and city as a Biloxi firefighter for 26 years.

“Huff” was born and raised in Biloxi. He served his community by becoming a firefighter and working at the Biloxi Fire Department from August 1974 until he retired as captain on May 1st 1999. Assistant Chief Mark Dronet said, “We never called him Huffstetter or Glen. It was always just Huff.  At the fire department everyone gets a little nickname, ya know? He was Huff and that’s what he went by.”

Huff and Dronet worked together for several years in the 90s at the start of Dronet’s career. “We joked around and had a lot of fun, but when it came down to serious firefighting you knew he had your back. He was someone you wanted on your team. I looked up to Glen.”

Behind the big caterpillar mustache, there was a valued member of the Biloxi firefighter team. Huff was known especially for his ability as a truck operator. Although one skill of Huff that Dronet can’t seem to forget about is his cooking. “He would always tell us I have steaks this big. We would go to the store and buy everything, chip in to pay for the food, we never had to worry about the cooking, because Glen did the cooking, it was always good. I should’ve been 300 pounds working with Glen.”

Huff leaves behind a brotherhood of firefighters and like brothers they picked on each other. When talking about Huff and his cooking, Dronet said he held his hands a certain way as a reference to those who truly knew Huff. Prior to firefighting, Huff had worked in carpentry and lost his thumb in an accident. Apart from joking with his brothers, Huff was a family man. “One thing I can also tell you about Glen is that he loved his family, he always talked about his wife Ramona and his two daughters. There wasn’t a day when he was at the station that they did not come up.”

The 25th of this month, Glen celebrates 49 years of marriage with his wife. He is survived by his daughters Candyce and Lisa and three granddaughters.

A celebration of life will be held at a later date.

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