Biloxi Fire Department to receive new gear

Every year, the Biloxi Fire Department replaces their turnout gear and gets brand new suits for the firemen. While this year is no exception, they can expect an upgrade.

Biloxi Fire Chief Joe Boney says the new Globe athletic gear will not only allow the firemen more range of motion, but will protect them from carcinogens while on the job.

They will be receiving 30 sets and Chief Boney tells News 25 there aren’t many departments out there using this gear yet, so he’s interested in hearing feedback and reviews from the firemen.

Although Chief Boney says this gear is more expensive, the benefits they give is well worth the cost. “Normally, the regular turnout gear you can ingest carcinogens coming up through the jacket between the jacket and the pants or up the sleeves or in the pant cuffs or in the groin area, the zipper area. Traditionally, fire services found that this is where we’re ingesting it the worst. So, this new turnout gear will have inserts in it to protect these guys so it will not allow these carcinogens to be able to penetrate their bodies. That’s what’s exciting to me. It’s all about the safety for our guys.”

Chief Boney says they expect the suits to be in this week.

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