Biloxi Fire Department Helps Cut Fire Insurance Rates

The results are in and the city of Biloxi has one of the best fire departments in the state.
Three to five minutes is all it takes for the Biloxi Fire Department to jump in their trucks and reach nearly any place in Biloxi. A quick response time is one reason the state has upgraded the Biloxi Fire Department from a four to a three rating on the Public Protection Scale, making Biloxi one of the best in the state. Jackson and South Haven are the only other cities with ratings that good.
Biloxi Fire Chief, Joe Boney, said “we have to maintain a minimum manning on the required equipment and it’s a tough job but we’ve been able to do it and it’s paid off.”
It’s paid off so much that Biloxi residents will now see their fire insurance rates drop this year. Vincent Creel, Public Affairs Manager of Biloxi, says the fire departments outstanding ranking will also mean 7% decrease in fire insurance on MGM Park, which means less money coming out of taxpayer’s wallets.

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