Biloxi Fire Department fights for raise at City Hall

Several Biloxi firefighters showed up to the Biloxi City Council meeting today to show their dissatisfaction with a new pay raise approval.

The city council recently proposed a pay raise in its new budget approved only for sworn-in police officers.

This proposal frustrated some of the firefighters with the Biloxi Fire Department as they believe they deserve a raise as much as the police officers.

The city council still decided today to approve the pay raise just for the police officers.

However, council members still intend to work with the fire department, such as potentially putting on pay raise workshops. Biloxi Council President Kenny Glavan said, “We spent a lot of time on this year’s budget; and personal, compensation, the benefits… that is real important, and we continue to work. The action we took today is not the end game. We’ll continue to work on this until we get something definitively done.”

The Biloxi Fire Department declined to comment on the matter at the moment.

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