Biloxi Council Reviews Proposed Ward Lines

Some Biloxi residents may find themselves in new wards and voting at different polling places when municipal elections take place in May.
Today, the Biloxi City Council began discussing the proposed redrawn ward lines, but has yet to make a decision. The new maps add about 200 residents who live in the northern areas of the city who became Biloxi residents in either 2013 or 2014.
The proposal is getting mixed reviews among council members. Ward 2 Councilman Felix Gines said, “Let’s take our Keesler community for instance. Technically we don’t know how they were counted. We want to make sure that they are included. They are a great part of our economy, a great part of our community and we want to make sure everyone is represented.”
Ward 1 Councilman George Lawrence said, “I think they should stay the same. The election is coming up and the first primary is in May and I just think it is easier to have everybody know that where they voted at last time they would vote at again. I think that’s good for the citizens.”
The City Council has tabled the discussion that could be brought up again at their next meeting on November 29th.

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