Biloxi City Project discussions

There are a couple of big projects on the agenda for the Biloxi City Council meeting tomorrow.

The city council will discuss a tourism project incentive for the Margaritaville Amusement Park and parking garage expansion.

This sales tax incentive application is through the Mississippi Department Authority in which the developer can receive up to thirty percent of the construction costs back in reimbursement for a 15 year period.

The City of Biloxi supports the project, being optimistic about the positive impact regarding revenue. Cecilia Dobbs Walton with the City of Biloxi said, “Overall, just the development in general, is going to help the city. It’s going to bring in more jobs, bring in more tax revenue. So it is just an awesome program to be a part of. Again, it’ll bring businesses in, and then still bring income to the city and the state. Granted, the money does go back to developer, but it still eventually helps the city.”

Point Cadet and the convention center are also on the agenda Tuesday regarding tourism project incentives.

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