Biloxi City Council Votes on House Bill 1523

In a 6-0 vote today, the Biloxi City Council passed a resolution in support of repealing HB 1523.
All but one council member voted in favor of standing by Biloxi Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich to support a repeal of our state’s religious accommodation law. Ward 4 Councilman Robert Deming voted present, meaning he did not vote for or against. He says he supports Biloxi’s diversity but the city should focus less on being for or against the bill and more on making the right step for Biloxi economically. “This resolution is an official action taken and it’s in sense condemning the Legislature and the governor for which we’re going to turn to and ask for funding for the Keesler gate, for the BP settlement funds, and continued support for these roads and bridges that we have here in our city.”
Mayor Gilich said, “It’s just a statement. We know it’s a long shot and at least voice our opinion is what the resolution passed today does. I’m real encouraged and I appreciate the words of support from all of our councilmen.”
The city says it will continue to protect diversity and individual rights of all its citizens, visitors and businesses as they always have.

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