Biloxi City Council Meeting

Biloxi City Hall can breathe again after every seat was full for the council meeting this afternoon.
A group of senior citizens came to city hall with signs, trying to bring awareness to their hopes of more time on Biloxi courts to play pickleball. A few of the seniors tell News 25 they usually play the sport with paddles at community centers around the area. With summer bringing programs for out of school children, the group wants to make sure they have time to play, too.
Biloxi police were also at the meeting, introducing their new bike patrol. Biloxi Police Chief John Miller says having officers out on bikes will really benefit the city’s safety. “It benefits pedestrians when they’re walking. If they need help and they see an officer they can immediately flag them down. It’s one on one, they can talk with them and anyone, like I mentioned in the city council meeting, anyone that is perpetrating crime, these guys will ride right up on them before they realize it.”
The City Council also heard complaints about the ongoing issue of the torn up roads in East Biloxi. The city is in the process of coordinating with the contractor to better the situation. Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich promises more temporary paving to be done in the near future.

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