Biloxi City Council Discusses Tree Council & Coliseum Funds

The Biloxi City Council met Tuesday night with two hot button topics at the forefront of discussion: whether to establish a tree council and funding for the expansion of the Coliseum.

The Biloxi City Council is trying to jump through hoops to have full access of the Mississippi Coast Coliseum Commission’s trust fund. They’ve proposed a House bill to revise membership and terms to be more autonomous. Biloxi is opposed because they believe they should have a voice if funding is derived from tax dollars.

Kenny Glavan, President of the Biloxi City Council, says, “The intention of that trust fund was created to defer certain operational costs of the Coliseum and that was the intent and to use it for any other purpose, I think that requires a lot of discussion before we move in that direction.”

The House will take up the bill this legislative session.

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