Biloxi City Council discusses new ordinances

The Biloxi City Council discussed the city’s updated ordinances at their meeting earlier today.

Six ordinances have been introduced by Mayor Gilich to crack down on special events that happen in Biloxi. These ordinances amend codes and regulations already in place, with the goal being to strengthen these rules. There will also be a special event committee created.

Cruisin’ the Coast is one major event that will be impacted by these ordinances. Some require special events to pay fees to the city to offset the cost of manual labor during the events.

With Cruisin’ being only five months away, these fees are unexpected. Cruisin’ the Coast Executive Director Woody Bailey said, “It’s a total change in policy that the city is proposing for special events and how they’re going to handle special events – the fees that are involved and all the requirements for special events. So, it’s very concerning to us.”

The council has decided to table the ordinances for now and have a workshop meeting with special event coordinators on May 30th.

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