Biloxi City Council Considers Tree Ordinance

Tuesday, the Biloxi City Council called a special meeting to consider strengthening the city’s tree ordinance. The meeting was prompted by an application to cut down 36 protected trees for a new hotel on Beach Boulevard.

More than 100 trees have been lost for development in the last year, upsetting some residents. They are calling for the return of a Citizen Tree Committee in hopes of saving more trees. The Biloxi Planning Commission has already given the green light for the project, but the City Council wants make sure the decision is in compliance with the existing tree ordinance.

Vincent Creel, Public Affairs Manager for Biloxi, says, “I think what you’re hearing is maybe the City Council, maybe hearing from some of their constituents that, ‘Do we have enough protection in place for our trees?’ and we want to make sure of that. So they’re going to look at the ordinance and they’re going to make sure that we’re striking a good balance.”

There will be a hearing on November 18th at the Biloxi City Council regarding the developer wanting to cut down those 36 trees.

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