Biloxi Boardwalk Marina announces closure

Some boat owners that have their boats at the Biloxi Boardwalk Marina are scrambling to find a new place to dock.

The word home means something different to everyone. To Miami native Charles Hancock, Biloxi Boardwalk Marina has served as his home for the past four years.

After the marina announced earlier this week that it would be shutting down and all customers must remove their boats and trailers by October 4th, Hancock said it’s like he’s getting evicted. “It’s almost like someone kicked me out on the streets and I feel homeless. And I feel this is my home now. I’ve become very accustomed to it. Great marina. Couldn’t ask for more.”

Marina customers were notified via email of the closure, part of which said “We would like to thank you for your business and support over the years; however, business expenses, property taxes, submerged land lease, insurance, etc. has steadily increased to a point that this is not a profitable business and we are forced to close.” Hancock said, “You know, proper notification. That due diligence. You know, to send an email, which I don’t get most of mine anyway and I didn’t get this one, my friends came and told me ‘We got to get out by the 4th, now it’s the 9th.’ I go ‘wait what?'”

In addition to the emails, the marina is working on calling all customers and notifying them of the closure.

Right next to the marina sits Gollott’s Fresh Catch Seafood Restaurant. However, Owner Shawn Gollott says “the restaurant will remain open for business.”

For Hancock though, the sudden closure has him searching for a new marina to move to quickly. “I’m waffling around and it’s very uncomfortable and hard to deal with and I went and talked to the marinas downtown Biloxi there and talked to a couple others. I plan on going to Gulfport tomorrow. But that wasn’t where I wanted to be. This is where I wanted to be. And now it’s not anymore.”

News 25 reached out to Ferrara Land Management Mississippi LLC and is awaiting a response.

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