“Billion Dollar Buyer” Visits Pop Brothers

The “Billion Dollar Buyer” paved his way to a locally owned business and drew in quite the crowd on the Coast this afternoon.
News 25’s Kendra Turley gives a look at Tilman Fertitta’s visit to Pop Brothers in Gulfport.
Cheers and applause greeted billion dollar mogul Tilman Fertitta as he made his very first visit to Pop Brothers in Gulfport. “All these schools and all these beautiful cheerleaders to come out here today and do this is so exciting and I hope I like the product as much as you do,” said Fertitta.
Fertitta’s visit plays a part in season two of the CNBC show “Billion Dollar Buyer.” The show introduces the billionaire to promising companies across the country. Co-owner of Pop Brother’s Octavio Arzola said, “It is amazing that we are getting this recognition. We are extremely happy and I actually have to say that this happened because a lot of our customers started sending emails and letters to the show.”
Biloxi resident Brandon Webb sent an email to Fertitta’s assistant praising the Pop Brothers brand a couple of months ago. That email was passed along to the executive chef at the Golden Nugget, who tried the popsicles first hand and got in touch with Fertitta himself. “I knew the show was happening. It’s just been amazing the power of communication from an email to get the ball rolling on something like this,” said Webb.
Fertitta had the opportunity to try the 50 different flavors of popsicles Pop Brothers has to offer and spent most of the afternoon surveying the crowd on what flavor was best.
Owners of the popular popsicle shop hope the highly publicized visit leads to a promising future for their business. “It really would help us to propel us. Instead of having to wait three or four years to get to that point, we would be at that point right after he places an order from us,” said Arzola.
“What a great day to come here in Gulfport. I love the Gulf Coast here. So, thank you very, very much everybody,” said Fertitta.
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